Our Promise

While visiting Florida this past February, I purchased a piece of art created by a local artist in the small fishing community of Carrabelle. It’s a painting of a sailboat at sunset (perhaps it’s a sunrise, if you fancy), and although simple, it is so full of color and light that I cannot help but feel happy when I look at it.

I purchased the painting shortly after C and I agreed that we were ready to move ahead with what, at that time, felt to us like standing at the edge of insanity – the jury’s still out on that one – to start seriously shopping for a liveaboard boat. If you have read my previous two blog entries, you know that learning to sail and living part-time on the water is something we have fantasized about for a long time. It’s one thing to talk about it; it’s quite another, however, to go through with it. So, as a symbolic promise to each other and ourselves, I bought the sailboat painting. My intention was that it would eventually grace one of the walls in our future aquatic home.

Well, we’re about to make good on our little promise. I am happy to report that we are officially owners of a 2000 Catalina 320 sailboat. Woop! Just goes to show that sometimes our dreams really do come true.